Friday, 6 January 2012


In Ferran Adria and Eugeni de Diego’s cookbook “The Family Meal: home cooking with Ferran Adrià”, there is a recipe for pork loin with roasted peppers. As straightforward as it sounds, the recipe relies heavily on both the cohesiveness of flavors and the confident execution of technique. The meal is comprised of roasted bell peppers which are then simmered in their own juices to delicious effect, and a pan fried pork loin, cooked until golden on both sides but still juicy in the middle. The execution of the frying of the pork is essential; the balance of the outer golden brown pork with a succulent centre is delicate, but critical for flavor and texture. The pork loin is accompanied by garlic and parsley oil that also works well with beef. Elegantly Spanish in the presentation,it is minimalism at its best. This humble combination of five ingredients succeeds in creating an extraordinary experience.

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