Tuesday, 27 May 2014


I might be a little crazy. Full steam ahead I had it all planned out. The dish was fully formed in my head. I had only read of burrata. I anticipated something creamy and refreshing. Those wonderful Italians always know best. Macadamia nuts were almost like candy. No wonder they work so well with white chocolate. Beets were everywhere; the market had gone mad with sweet, robust beets. Summer salad leaves also popped up everywhere. This dish created itself; it was a no-brainer. I put myself through the paces, sketched, imagined, refined, prepared and executed my dish. I sat down to taste and I paused, what the hell was I doing? Can I really say I “cooked” here? Is this really a recipe? No stove, no oven except to toast a few nuts. More than that, it was cheese, a beet, a few nuts, and some leaves. Had I gone mad? I’ve come this far. I had to try it at the very least. I burst into the burrata with my trusty spoon; the cream oozed out and seductively began jostling for position with the rich beet marinade. I had a spoonful, cheese and beets and summer leaves and citrus vinaigrette and wonderful macadamia nut. I wasn’t crazy at all; it was as satisfying a mouthful as I could hope for. I realized, five years ago, there was no chance in hell I’d have the confidence to think this would work.  I suppose that’s my point here really; trust yourselves, and even if you might be a little bit crazy, who isn’t?

INGREDIENTS (serves 4):
·         2 medium beets, peeled and sliced with a mandolin
·         4 tbsp olive oil
·         1 tsp red wine vinegar
·         2 tbsp honey
·         4 burrata parcels
·         20 macadamia nuts
·         salt
·         black pepper
·         1 tsp lemon juice
·         Salad leaves including beet leaves, swiss chard, and

-          Combine 3 tbsp olive oil,  vinegar, and honey in a bowl
-          Layer in the sliced beets and allow to marinate for 2 hours
-          Toast macadamia nuts in a preheated oven at 350°F 
-          Place one burrata parcel in the center of each plate
-          Sprinkle over some freshly ground black pepper and season the cheese with salt
-          Scatter a few nuts around the burrata and layer the beets on each nut, generously spoon some marinade over
-          Surround the burrata with the salad

-          Mix the final tbsp of olive oil with the lemon juice, season lightly, and drizzle over the cheese and salad

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