Sunday, 16 September 2012


Crème brûlée has to be my absolute favorite dessert. Okay I take that back. Maybe I don’t. I don’t know, so much to choose from! How is the heart of a fat kid to choose such a thing?! Where my heart is uncompromising is in acknowledging the unquestionable divinity of the most perfect, luxurious crème brûlée. I like to think of it as the French love letter to the world.

What makes it so brilliant? To me it superbly combines rich, decadent creaminess with a sort of lightness that’s hard to describe. Not too sweet, just right. The fundamental principle of balance is kept with a hard but thin caramel layer. This layer introduces a sharp textural contrast to the smooth custard and importantly, a slightly bitter element to combat the overall sweetness. Extraordinary! This dish is simply extraordinary. Food adjectives are often misused, or overused, but in this case, someone had the vision to take sugar, egg-yolks, cream, and milk, and create something magical. This creation is truly one of life’s little presents. The existence of  crème brûlée has made the world a sweeter place. 

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