Friday, 7 September 2012


What could be better than pizza? I mean, honestly, why would anyone not love pizza? That person, should they even exist, would have some serious explaining to do should the culinary equivalent of the pearly gates exist!

The unfortunate and inconvenient truth is that there is such mass accessibility to frozen lifeless pizza dough and anemic toppings mainly through pizza chains that have, while making an undeniably successful business model, to a large extent lost the ideals of what a pizza should be. We as a society have, generally, thus limited our expectations and experiences of what pizza can, and in my opinion ought to be. This fact is not meant to be a contrived condemnation of chain pizza businesses, but freshness is, was, and always will be the gold standard for pizza. There is no changing that.

Fresh pasta dough, vibrant tomato sauce, fragrant and slightly peppery basil, and, of course gorgeous mozzarella make up the phenomenal Margherita pizza. Although meaning different things to different people, pizza, and in particular Margherita pizza, is ultimately comforting to me. Satisfying in its simplicity and familiarity, a homemade Maghertia pizza is guaranteed to beat any fast food pizza on any given day. Especially if you’ve never made your own before, I would encourage you wholeheartedly to put in the time, make a pizza, and then, by all means, indulge a little, live a little! After all, we only live once.

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